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Thanks to biometry, JustAuthMe allows the highest security level ever reached on a website.


Every JustAuthMe user is certified authentic. Say goodbaye to invalid e-mail address and bots.


JustAuthMe compatible websites inspire the trust of their users by caring about their security.


No surprise on prices.

Launching offer
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited logins
  • E-mail support
Will the free offer become a paid offer in the future?

No! Zero surprise with JustAuthMe! If you chose to integrate JustAuthMe with the free offer, you'll benefit from it for life with the same guarantees!

Could I do without JustAuthMe in the future?

Yes! You or your users could at any time decide to do without our solution, all you need to do is ask your users to create a password via your “Forgot password?” interface.

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